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pen tuh paper aims to be an online portal for the reading and discovery of the work of upcoming West Indian/West Indian heritage & Caribbean writers of poems (or flash fiction). It doesn’t matter how much you write, or whether you fancy yourself a private scribbler or not — everyone is welcome.

pen tuh paper is always on the look-out for: works that explore images of so-called Caribbean-ness and does something with them — invert them, twist them, crack them open. Baptize them or make them anew. Works that tread unfamiliar territory — or familiar ones. Works that spill out from that dark place in your mind and relieve the pressure of compression inside of your heart.

Avant-garde, experimental and radical verse are all welcome — bring your words. Or, come by again just to read what’s new.

Of particular interest are poems pertaining to themes of identity, gender, politics, gender roles and sexuality.

Please indicate upon submission, if you would prefer to use a nom de plume. Please include a brief biographical sketch or simply, nationality information if you’d like to.

Authors retain all original rights to their work.

For further inquiry, to hear more about this venture or to submit work, please e-mail creativecommess [at] gmail [dot] com

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