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Lucians at JFK International

January 31, 2011

By: Natalie d’Auvergne

Boy, I tell you,
in my day,
fruits used to be free
as long as you could climb a tree.
I climb for breadfruit, mangoes, plums.
And them tall tall coconut trees,
you see by de beach?
Well, lemme tell you, boy,
I climb them tings like water.

Them times
I was a lil’ boy,
short like dat suitcase deh.

You tink is joke?

If I caah climb a tree an pick a breadfruit
I might as well tell my mother
she caah cook, and das ting I never do,
I mad man? You know how much
licks my mother would give me?

And talking about tall, you see them
lampposts they have everywhere?
Man, only de middle of town had dat.
We didn’t worry about a current bill,
people had kerosene lamps.
Nowadays, everybody have electricity
and de bill how high
while the cost of food going up
and money still hard to come by.

What you saying miss?
If I want a coffee?

Well, das another thing I have to talk about.
In my days, people din used to ask if somebody want
something, they’d just buy it and give it to them.
De last time I was home, all de lil’ fellers them
asking me for 5¢, later I finding out, is really
$5 they want. Worthless ting dat money.

Now where this damn plane to
take me to my sweet sweet home?

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