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Vigie Beach

December 6, 2011

By: Femi Rene

Walking along Vigie Beach one day
Three of my best friends and I we trod
Joking and chatting along the way
Stopping ever so often to play
Till we approached where the beach grew broad

And the seagrape trees in season grew
We dumped our bags at the tangled roots
And the blackbirds in a flurry flew
We searched about for the purple hue
That ripened within the choicest fruits

Then scrambled up the twisted branches
Underneath the trees umbrageous leaves
And there we took the direst chances
Perched in most inelegant stances
Our fingers raking like talonned sieves

At the purple fruit where they coyly swayed
From pliant branches just beyond our reach
In the end we settled for sea grapes splayed
At the roots where the twigs and brown leaves laid
Then continued walking along the beach.

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