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August 27, 2011

By: Femi Rene

Arise now friends, let us some joy impart,
upon the world that paupered sits about,
transform the doleful melancholy heart,
into a place of pleasure with a shout,

and flow into the veins life giving blood,
and draw into the lungs a spirit new,
let joy pour forth as water from a flood,
and earthly languor with new mirth imbue.

Arise the sun in glory near divine,
arise above the night’s tenebrous veil,
therein where all her prisoners did pine,
and neath her cover lonesome souls did wail.

Erase the darkness from the far-flung sky,
then sweep bedraggled clouds along their way,
and chirp the day awake as blackbirds fly,
across the vast expanse of a new day.

Cast off the tattered garments of the dawn,
in which the world did through the darkness brood,
and wield the gilded vestment of the morn,
about her form then gaze upon her mood.

The aureate beauty all the world imparts,
her verdant plumage ruffled in the breeze,
and all her finery quivers as she starts,
along her journey back to slumber’s ease.

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