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Musing in St Lucia…with a Bajan memory

July 21, 2011

By: Paula Obè

As I wash my feet in the ocean
the hills dry them with her shadow
perhaps the same one you cast
on my affections
right before I venture to put this love to bed

re-reading childhood storybooks
re-educating my desires
and didn’t sleeping beauty sleep for 100 years
before her prince arrived
5 years and counting
still stifled by loneliness
masking one night sweat-sheets
in remembrance of love
although there is nothing loving
about a stranger’s embrace
after an hour passes
no matter how much
I close my eyes and pretend

and when intimacy does call
in the form of a loving touch
a loving embrace
our governments wage wars
over flying fish boundary-lines
and your lover wages war
over this deepness we share
even though our lips have never tasted
each other’s kiss

miles away across the ocean
in this double mountain land
I remember the flatness of your horizon
no hills for sunsets to hide
nor sunrises to peep from
and I think of you
how loving you might feel
then I see the shadows made
by almond trees in this sand

and I am distracted by the thought of her lips
that still smiles in this rude and seductive
patios tongue

but I return to your eyes
wrapped around my heart
but you have a lover
too insecure to realize what she has
but a lover nonetheless
to warm your bed
while my journey will end
as it began
with fragments of love
alive only in my head.


Paula Obè is a poet from Trinidad & Tobago. She is a performance poet who has been performing for the past 15 years. She combines music and words to create a sound all her own. She has performed twice at The Women’s Voices Festival, Ottawa, and at events in Barbados, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Guyana and in her home country, Trinidad & Tobago and New York. Paula has had poems published in journals and magazines such as Fireweed – Canada, Community of Poets and Pulsar – England, plus anthologies in the USA, Venezuela, and T&T. In 1999, her first book of poems, entitled Passages was published by The New Voices of T&T. In 2001, her second book Walking a Thin Line was published by Ride the Wind Publishers in Vancouver, Canada. She has also produced two poetry cds, “Afterbirth” and “Not so Soft”. In 2000, together with poet Annessa Baksh, she formed Fishink Press, producers of the 10 Sisters Show. An annual show of some of the best female poets and singer-songwriters in T&T.

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  1. AphroditeAres permalink
    July 28, 2011 9:12 pm

    I like! As a St. Lucian. lol

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