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The Baptist War

July 18, 2011

By: Marc Morgan

Samuel Sharpe preached of equality
in men and his words lifted up slaves
judges considered chattel property.
He said “let us strike!” and the moral waves
swept across Jamaica. Freedom was rebel

music played at the Baptist deacon’s raves.
A peaceful protest began, and when work’s bell
rang, none went to sugar fields to dig graves
for future seeds of Africa to dwell
in pregnant labor for an elite’s sadistic

plan. The plantocracy profited jolly well
from wielding whips and cane sticks that could pick
backs bloody. Tongues were cut out but scars tell
of the generations of pain in graphic
detail. British newspapers spoke of a ban

on servitude, but the text did not stick
to polished mansion floors of Jamaican
plantation owners. The military with a click
of each musket put bullets in man, woman
and the strike. Some angry servants continued

to fight; estates were razed, and the heat evenly
tanned planters who watched as their fortune caves
in to the chants for equal rights. Eventually,
Samuel Sharpe emerged from hidden enclaves
and the Redcoats hung him; from a tree he fell
as an example to obey, or face barbaric

death. Hundreds were executed by the devil
hangmen until justice removed the demonic
beings. In the end, abolitionists won
(along with economics), and a new attitude
prevailed in the New World. Chains were undone,
and freed men were left to till Earth’s soil for food.


Marc Morgan was born and lives in Jamaica. He is an attorney by profession. He is also a web entrepreneur, founder of Caribbean Destination Website – Rum and Relaxation ( – and other internet ventures. He has always had a passion for writing. He first began writing poetry when he was 13. Most of the poetry he has written to date has been really for private consumption, but he is opening up and intends to share some of pieces with the rest of the world.

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  1. Arna J brown Morgan permalink
    September 18, 2011 8:29 pm

    This is so real.Like today.Just happening…….And strong.
    I like this!


  1. Poem by Rum and Relaxation owner published on Pen Tuh Paper Blog | rum and relaxaton

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