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Peter Parker Contemplates the Election Results

January 30, 2011

     after Nov. 2, 2010

By: Alan King

Here, the weather’s never
what it says it is. And shine
as she might, the presence

of MJ tonight won’t combat
the absence of something else.

Even now, while wishing Uncle Ben
were here to explain what happened,
a rogue gallery of adversaries

has overtaken the House.
Even Captain America’s delusional

about what this means. My country
will never be what she says she is.
Where do I seek comfort now

when even Spider Man seems
outmatched by what’s already airborne

and cackling, as if it wore an overlapping
tunic, cape and hooded garment?
The thing that keeps Web Head

on edge, what sets off alarms in darker skin
that goes off like Spidey Senses.

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