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My Pride

December 24, 2009

By: Camille DaCosta

People often ask me “where are you from?”
And I always reply Jamaican by way of the Bronx
Confused by my answer
I’m always left to explain
I may be American born but Jamaican I reign
Jamaican in my ways
My culture and values the same
Holding my head high every step of the way

You can see it when I walk
With my signature walk and whine
Hear it when I speak
A hint of my accent from time to time
Proud and dominant
As my people are said to be
I embrace my heritage
Because it is what makes me me

Looking at me some may not see a Jamaican
But my exotic look is characteristic of what is truly Jamaican
Mixed people we are
As I am too
African, Indian, British, and Portuguese to name a few
It’s in the complexion of my skin
The squint in my eyes
The structure in my face
And in the curve of my body it lies

Proud of my culture
Because within it deep history lies
And for these reasons I continue to rise
A Jamaican from birth and will be until I die
Until that day I will continue to recite our motto
“Out of many one people!”

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